Biking and Cama Beach

Biking on Green River Trail, a stay at Cama Beach

Peter doing some dancingKenny, on the Green River Trail, next the the Rainier Awning facility - apparently they also make yurts. They did the awnings on our house.

Awesome view of Mt Rainer along the trailI talked to the man who rode this bike with his wife. He said that the main benefits of recumbents are that they're more comfortable, and also there's about half as much wind resitance.

Snacking at a picnic area. This is Peter's favorite time - the little guy just sits behind me in his bike seat otherwise.There's a neat wildlife viewing tower towards the end of this trail

Kenny with his friend Jack at the top of the towerAnother great view of Mt. Rainier

Preparing to sleep outside on the deck with Kenny

Beautiful sunset

Peter is getting pretty good with blocks!Doing the Green River Trail, this time with the Blatts

We were lucky enough to rent a cabin at Cama Beach for the weekend. I had called about renting something in September, but everything was completely booked. But it turned out they had a cancellation for this weekend. Cama beach was an old fishing resort, built in the 1930's. This is the gas station.Next to the playground

Kenny building a toy boatIt actually floated fine - good thing we had outriggers, though, otherwise it would have tipped over like other ones I saw.

Kenny and I explored the beach and found this fort.Kenny found some crabs and brought them to our cabin

Walking to Camano Island State Park. The walk was a lot longer than we expected.Windy on the beach!

We did find one geocache in the picnic area

Peter in one of the luggage carriersSome more views of the state park

I did a mini photo shoot with Peter. He was occupying himself with throwing rocks.

Another photo shoot, this time of Kenny

The interior of the boathouse

I promised Kenny some crackers if he cooperated with the pictures.