Early 2009

Hanging out at home, visiting the zoo, Sylvia goes to Palm Springs

Lions close up!Kenny and Peter on the couch

Peter gets his first haircut!


At Grasslawn ParkWe had a chance to meet Anna Cummins, Olympic gold medalist in rowing, at the Somerset annual meeting (she was born in this neighborhood). She was very friendly.

At a visit to the Woodlawn Park Zoo, we got a real treat when the lions came very close to us

Making a geodesic dome out of rolled up newspapers

Kenny with a toy helicopter

A regular morning with the kids - Kenny enjoying his legos!

Playing drumsVisiting Palm Springs with my friend Jean

I was astounded at how many grapefruit trees there are everywhere, laden with fruit

Kyle gave us a tour - this is the Elvis Presley Honeymoon houseAt the date shop

A beautiful early morning hike up the Lynkess trailThese beautiful grasses grew wild, but were also in a lot of lawns, looking very ornamental

Creosote bush

Apparently it's unusual for the desert to be green like this (it just rained)

Kyle points out some landmarksA barrel cactus in bloom

A hillside studded with barrel cactusNice little rock bridge

Really enjoyed the rock formations hereA shelter for horse riders

We walked through an area of expensive luxury homes on the way back. This one, though, looked abandonedCoachella Valley Preserve

These palms almost look like large animals

Biking around the neighborhood close to the condo. Some very, very nicely done remodels of mid-century houses.

An abandoned condo complex

On a dirt path. We were trying to find our way back to the neighborhood where all the stars lived.We headed over this dam, thinking we could get to the other side of the ravine. But a security guard came running. He was actually very friendly, and told us we weren't supposed to be there, but to go ahead anyway. We decided it was getting late, and headed back, though.

Another early morning hike - this time on the Bump and Grind trail. It wasn't as beautiful as the Lynkess trail. Plus, it was extremely crowded. We saw a roadrunner guarding his nestA camouflaged cell tower

The view from the topThis guy was doing some serious exercising at the top. Most people were using this trail as a workout