Natascha arrives, day trips around Seattle

Natascha crosses a riverOver the past few months, Kenny has learned to do the monkey bars

My niece Natascha came to visit. She'll be going to school at UNC-Charlotte this year. Here we're visiting Gasworks Parks and Google

At Marymoor ParkNatascha tries out the climbing wall

Natascha walked to the top of the hillAt the Twin Falls trail

Natascha went over this log to a little island, and I followed

Hopping over rocks on the way backTrying to get up the nerve to go from 2 logs to one


Kenny and Natascha went up the hillViews from the Space Needle

At the zoo

This giraffes stood there for quite some time, trying to reach the lowest leaves

The zookeepers were using spray bottles to "herd" the giraffes. Natascha let Kenny play with her camera