July 4th, beach, Rattlesnake Ridge

A house caught fire on Mercer Island on July 4th. I was wondering if it was a fireworks accident, but the newspaper report said it was something smoldering in the attic. This is through the telescope.

Kenny at the local July 4th parade

Melanie and GabrielIt looks like Kenny's found out about Cheetos

At Newcastle Beach Park with Peter. He ended up eating a lot of sand - and we could tell in his diaper, the next day!

At the Chittenden locks. Eric and I actually biked here with the kids, though we didn't get any photos of us on the bikes. It was a harrowing ride - Eric thought there was a nice bike path to the locks, but it was mainly on roads.Kenny and I slept outside on the deck for fun. It got pretty chilly!

Eric and Kenny hiked to Rattlesnake Ridge