Kitchen remodel, fun with the kids

Peter crumpling some paperKenny loves his legos

Kenny and daddy doing tricksPeter tearing up paper

We went out with the Christiansons - they have a great camera!

Our kitchen, mid-renovation (new countertop, backsplash, and appliances)A temporary kitchen in the nook

A trip to Marymoor - a very friendly guy showed us his paraglider. He told us that people who fly both paragliders and hang gliders are known as bi-wingual. Very cute!Kenny on the stage at Marymoore

Kenny balancingAt the Woodlawn Park Zoo - Peter's all bundled up

Apparently gorillas regurgitate what they've eaten and chew it again? Yech.

Extra tall "garage" for giraffes

The otters were a big hitMountain goat

With Max and Denise at Seward Park.

Melissa and the kids and I went to Marymoor ParkVictoria and I took some photos of the kids

Bathtime is fun!Building a cardboard fort. In the foreground is some equipment from Ikea - ladder swing and regular swing.

Two cardboard boxes, connected by a tunnel.Wish I were this flexible!

Kenny loves the catalog of lego toys that we got in the mail a few days ago. It's his constant companion.