Bike rides, birthday parties, and Halloween

Kenny with his toysMirror, mirror, on the wall...

Kenny opens up a birthday presentMore unwrapping of presents

Peter in his bouncyBiking at Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle. The starting point is at the new sculpture park

All kinds of neat things to see along the waterfront!

Me on my scooterThe pier 86 grain terminal

And a heron watching over it allWe biked next to this rail terminal

...and a huge parking lot filled with old netsKenny took these pictures while Eric went back for the car

I'm obsessed with taking advantage of all the nice days - because I know that soon we probably won't have any more! Here, biking on the Soos Creek trail

An old barn along the trailWe found an old pear tree

Max assembled these bionicle monstersPeter, starting to lift his head up more

Kenny got a whole bag of assorted toys from the Mercer Island Preschool Association rummage saleAt Jack and Kenji's birthday party

The pinataPeter, strapped in and ready to go

Peter is starting to hold his bottleAt the Woodsides house for a halloween themed Peps group

Kenny opened up some more presents from Grandma and Grandpa - a new shirt and pantsAlong the Seward Park trail

Playing with the new LeapsterJean brought over some home grown carrots

Halloween! Kenny went trick or treating with some kids from the neighborhood - Rochelle, Jack, and Kenji, Kimi and Gabriel

The whole Halloween gangSome photos of Kenny and Peter

Kenny can get a little too enthusiasticKenny took this one - at home with Mommy, Peter, and toys

At Lakemont park