Late August

Chocolate factory tour, Google picnic, and Kenny learns to ride his bike!

Hand-made chocolatesOn a trampoline at the Google picnic

Isaac doing some gymnastics at our houseWe get out the Dance Dance Revolution again

Kenny riding his bike!Sitting on the steps at Boehms candy factory in Issaquah, with Allison and Ethan

I never knew these chocolates were made by hand! At least, at this factory.

Melissa with PeterPeter and I on the deck

At the Google summer picnicIt was held at the Nestle training facility in Carnation - home of Carnation brand milk products


In one of the bouncy thingsFishing at the trout pond

Eric's coworkersWaiting for a turn at a trampoline-type thing

Kenny had lots of fun!

Another photo session with Peter

Kenny got a new Knex set for learning to ride his bike