Summer with a 2 kid family!

Peter wigglingPeter trying to lift his head up on the activity gym

A polar bear playing with his toy at the Point Defiance ZooIt's difficult to get action videos with Peter!

Kenny and PeterKenny rolling down the hill

Kenny's pumping on the swing quite well now...Kenny has fun just walking...

Eric doing the hula hoopKenny goes wading in Kelsey Creek

At home with Peter and Kenny

Baseball at the parkKenny is good at getting up the climbing wall now

The Milk Carton Derby at Greenlake

These guys look like they're about to sink!

They give out lots of free samples at these things!Picnicing at Greenlake

At the Pacific Science Center

Magic mirrors!

It's been a long day - Kenny's gettting a little grumpyKenny gets to cook with Grandma, and wear an apron!

Yummy Frittata for breakfastAt Chism Beach Park - cherries for a snack

Peter trying to lift his head

The neighbors gave us a beautiful cake to celebrate Peter's birthday

At the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma - watching the show

Grandpa, Kenny, and Peter

The grandparents, and Peter. Too bad Peter hasn't learned yet to say Cheese!

A beautiful sunsetRochelle at the park, with her hair standing on end!

Me and PeterBreaking the pinata at Steve and Ilana's going away party

Peter, close upA clown at Robinswood park

Peter on the pillowAva's birthday party

Just how big is Peter?At Seahurst Park in Burien

Snoozing after a picnic

At a street fair in RentonSome very unusual stilts

Kenny sprays a firehoseHe's a little shy sitting on the fire truck

The Renton police have this armored vehicle that they use for drug busts

Visiting with Hannah, who has a new baby just a few days older than PeterA photo session with Peter

Visiting the Lucas family on Whidbey Island

Kenny loves when Rachel makes big piles of pillows for him to jump into

Playing with waterguns

Collecting treasures on the beach - every shell, broken or not, was destined for Kenny's bucket

The girls helped sort out his shells

Carving names in the sand cliff