May 2007

Snoqualmie Falls, Fort Worden

Kenny had fun at the YMCA family nightThere's a short little train ride you can take at Snoqualmie, just down to Salish Lodge.

Walking the railsVisiting the Lucas family

Kenny dancesUsing the water rocket

Kenny jumping on a new inflatable mattressWe bought a pop-gun

Playing legosThe pipes at Snoqualmie Falls

Kenny and Eric at the base of Snoqualmie Falls. I think Kenny is a little shy about having his picture taken by a stranger (I didn't go down)

The big old log at Snoqualmie

Visiting the Lucas family

At a playground

We had dinner at Maggiano�s. Long wait.At Lewis Creek Park

The ferry on the way to Fort Worden, for Memorial Day weekend with the Christensens

Kenny and KatieAlison and their 14 month old baby Liz.

The old fortifications at Fort Worden

A very tame deer walked right by us when we were having a snack

Large container ship going byBuilding castles at the beach

Some pictures of the house we stayed in (#9 on Officers Row). The rooms were very large.This faucet looks original

Butler's pantry, with sliding door to the dining room

Very wide staircase

Sunday was kind of chilly

Some pictures from the Commanding Officer Quarters MuseumAn old fashioned sweeper

The servants bedroom on the 3rd floor, with the best view in the housePortraits of all the commanding officers who lived here

Children's toys from around the turn of the centuryThe sitting room

Going home on the ferry