Late January

Out and about, and also a trip to Vancouver

Singing with Benji and MarinaGetting dizzy on a swing

Otters in the Vancouver AquariumThe fishtank

Feeding the dolphinsSharks and turtles

Bouncing on a downed logWe build a snowman in the backyard

Kenny gets to chop parsely on his own chopping board (with a butter knife)Performing with friends

It looks like the Olympic mountains suddenly have plateaus, but it's just an unusual cloud formation, spilling over the mountains.At Kelsey Creek Park

Eric imitates NapoleanAt Seahurst park

Moonset over SeattleVisiting Vancouver - the Sylvia Hotel, where we stayed.

It was covered in ivySaturday morning wasn't too bad. Unfortunately it started raining in the afternoon

At the aquarium

The otters were lots of funThe dolphins

Kenny in a little stand-up observation bubbleThe otters had toys to play with

Dim Sum in Vancouver's ChinatownInteresting things for sale in Chintatown

Cool-looking electric bike

The hotel (or condo?) next to ours had a tree growing on topAn original notice from when the Sylvia Hotel was build 1913, as a luxury apartment house

At the Science Museum in Vancouver

This girl was a volunteer for the electricity showLots of insects here...

At Woodlands Park in Kirkland

Climbing up the rope (with a little help)