First days of 2007

Snow days, experiments, playdates, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum

The baking soda and vinegar experimentEric has fun with baking soda and vinegar too

And so do IMax and Kenny playing guitar

Sledding in our front yard3 boys sledding down SE 43rd St.

Another boy going down the same hill, on a wagonDoing an "experiment" with baking soda and vinegar

Max and Kenny playing guitar

At the water tower next to the Seattle Asian Art Musuem

Looking out towards downtown SeattleSitting on the camels, which are replicas of ancient Chinese statues

There was a kids show, of an Indonesian puppet show. Kenny was not a big fan.Eric took loads of pictures at the conservatory

The selection of catuses was spectacular

Lots of bromeliads

Snow day! We had about 3 inches of snow last night, and most people stayed home today

Pulling Kenny up the street in our sledLots of cars couldn't make it up Somerset Blvd last night, and just parked along the hill somewhere

Kenny enjoyed sledding this time much more than the first time!

The Sprague's came over for a snow day visit, and we made some buttered popcorn