Reminiscing about the Philippines

Eric reminisces about his time in the Philippines in the later 60's and early 80's.

I lived in the Philippines twice, each for a duration of two years. The first was 1967 when I was 2 years old, and and the second in 1981 where I spent my last two years of high school. This photo was taken in the early 70's. I'm the oldest child on the left. My brother Brian is in the middle and Kevin on the right. My father, Ken and mother Ann.Both times we lived in Makati, a part of Manila at the time. In 1995, Makati became a city unto its own. Google Maps. I was partially inspired to write this because of the recent addition of high resolution satellite imagery on Google Maps.

My father was a Captain in the US Navy and was stationed there, managing construction projects throughout out the South Western Pacific.His position during his second tour there was that of OICCSWPAC - Office in Charge of Construction - Southwest Pacific.

His office was located in Makati which meant we lived in the area, unlike many Navy personnel who lived in ...... Subic Bay. Google Maps.

Another picture of Subic.In the 80's there was a fire a floor or two below that where my fathers office was. The fire may have been an arson.

For about a year, I worked for Bank of America. This is my office. I primarily worked on a personnel data base.Both of these offices were located in in or near the financial district of Makati. The building that housed the Bank of America is somewhere on the north edge of this park.

We lived in a house located in Magallanes Village. This is a present day image of the village. Google Maps.This is a photo of Magallanes Village during our first stay in the 60's. It looks like it was just built!

The house we lived in during the 80's is the one centered in this picture.An ariel photo of Magallanes Village in the 60's. In the distance is central Makati, much less developed.

Here is a shot of Makati in the 80's.The new airport (as of the early 80's) with Makati in the background.

This is the house we lived in during the 60's.This is a closeup of the house as it is now. Google Maps.

Here I am pictured with who I believe was my Nanny. Many people living in the Philippines have domestic help.I attended the last two years of my high schooling at the International School of Manila in Makati. Google Maps. This is the site of the school when I was there in the 80's. It looks abandoned now.

The school has since been relocated. Google Maps and WikipediaDuring our second visit there, a nuclear power plant was in construction. My father knew the owner of the company who was pouring the concrete for the plant and we got to visit it. It was never powered up. Wikipedia.

There was a small par 3 gold course on the plant construction facilities.A trip to Pagsanjan Fall.

A carved statue on the way to Baguio.I played a couple rounds of golf there.

We stayed at a very nice house at Camp John Hay. I believe it was called the "Bell House".It had a beautiful garden.

Nearby was the Banaue Rice Terraces.The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial was near to where I lived.

With my father and brother, Brian.Names engraved in the memorial.

Murals depicting the war in the Pacific.During my second stay I was an extra in the movie Purple Hearts. I have a site dedicated to my experiences during the filming.

Here I am with my father at the Army Navy Club in Manila.Update! July 3, 2014. Jeric Chua was kind enough to take a picture of the very same ladder from the Army Navy club pool, 45 years after the one with my father! Obviously it's quite a bit run down and been modified since.

I spent a lot of time at Seafront, a compound used by American military and embassy personnel and families. Google MapsFerdinand Marcos was the "President" of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986.

Imelda Marcos.My mother and I in Makati.

My brother Brian flirting with danger!

Rizal Park.

Before and after pictures.
Rizal Park.

Playground.I do not seem to be very happy about posing for this.

Near the Manila Hotel.

Rizal Monument.