Visiting Eric's parents in Asheville, NC

We saw some black bears outside the houseMore bear video

Helping grandma make breadsticksAt Shindig on the Green, a bluegrass style festival held regularly in Asheville.

CloggersPlaying with Conrad

At the Biltmore HousePlaying with the marble track

Kenny learned to pump his feet on the swing!Swimming in the pool

The view has been greatly improved at the Vasilik house because some trees were cut downEric's mother Ann had this marble track when she was a little girl

Picking tomatoes with GrandmaGot quite the haul

Apples with GrandpaKenny with an insect

At a local playgroundWearing Grandma's sunglasses

Kenny got to feed the fishesWe went on a nature walk at the NC Arboretum, and saw lots of different mushrooms

A tour group came by, on Segways

There was lots of Mica - a very shiny, fragile rockAt the greenhouse

They had some beautiful examples of bonsaiCarnivorous plant

Swimming at the local pool

Eating some home grown applesVisiting Oma and cousin Conrad in Charlotte

Eating lunch at Oma's houseAnd now time for desert

Bojangles is a fried chicken restaurant chain in the south. This particular location is where I had my first real job.

At Earthhaven, the land co-op where my brother lives

This house at Earthhaven looks pretty well taken care of

This is the house my brother first builtThe "hut condo". Looking at the braces, looks like they have some problems with stability.

Tom, me, and KennyThis is the council hall. School was in session when we went by, so we couldn't go in.

The root cellar

Tom built the railing on this bridge, which leads to the campground. We ate lunch at the picnic tables at the campground.At Montreat, a christian community near Black Mountain that has a great playground

We did a morning trip to Biltmore House with Brian.

We did the rooftop tour, which allowed us access to some of the balconies and other rooftop areas

This gargoyle is supposedly carved in the image of George Vanderbuilt, who had this mansion built.

It's certainly a peaceful setting. I'd like to have a backyard like this.

Now the Vanderbilt family can't afford to live in the mansion anymore, so they live out back in this RV. (just kidding!)

Lots of beautiful old treesThe gardens

We got permission from some neighbors to pick some of their grapes

Walking around downtown Asheville. I think we have a picture from this same location, but years ago.

Meanwhile, Kenny went with his grandparents to a children's science museum.I found a praying mantis on the bushes next to the driveway

At Beaver LakeAt the Nature Center

Great photo op at the tractor

We saw some black bears outside Eric's parents home in Asheville - a mother bear with three cubs

Helping grandma make breadsticks

Wearing grandmpa's shoesAt Shindig on the Green

At Montreat - having fun in the streamA big hunk of quartz

Checking the bridge for trollsWe found a crawdad in the water