Visiting friends, Charlotte, Bainbridge Island

Doing the "wobble"Kenny's cousin Conrad

Playing a whistleAt Battle Creek Park playground

Playing with the toy helicopterKenny sliding down a pole

Kenny was doing these great somersaults with running starts - until we started taking a video, then they degenerated.Jake came over to play. Jake was our next door neighbor in the old house

The Schneiders came to visit one night - Kenny playing with their daughter LillyA serious case of static hair

My brother Alex and nephew Conrad and in Charlotte

Mom and TomGoing geocaching in Bellevue - Kenny found a stick!

Having a snack on a park bench

Kenny holds the cache we foundOn a bouncy see-saw

Kenny got a little pianoA pancake breakfast at the Mercer Island Fire Station

They have a very detailed map containing every building on the Mercer IslandAt the playground with Benji and Marina

Really neat cloud formation over SeattleKenny and Rochelle at the park

At the little University Place playgroundA day trip to Bainbridge Island. A favorite is always the Battle Point Park playground. Kenny is wearing his favorite outfit

On a wobbley platform

We bought a helicopter-type toy that you fling up in the air with a rubber band. Kenny had lots of fun fetching it again.

Eric hooked up the toy helicopter to release from his model plane, instead of shooting it up with the rubber band. It worked quite well.

A view of the playgroundBeautiful spot on the west side of Bainbridge Island

Stopped in at the Bainbridge Island Library

On the ferry backAt the Everett Children's Museum - we forgot our regular camera, so used the camera on the phone instead. There was a large airplane that was very popular

And a fun water play area

And a place where you could build really tall towers. Kenny had fun knocking this one down

A roof-top play area