Club Med Ixtapa

We took a vacation at the family friendly Club Med Ixtapa, in Mexico

This rubber band was a hit toy, and kept him occupied for a good 15 minutes.Iguanas coming to chow down at Playa Linda

At the baby poolOn a swim ring at the baby pool

Getting dizzy in the poolSplashing in the pool

Getting dizzy at the playgroundA kids fashion show

A tortilla making shopKenny gets the ball in the basket (with a little help)

Making "gorditos del horno"Peeling coconuts. This man apparently makes $25/week.

Making clay roof tilesGoing on the trapeeze! Sure does look goofy

It was a long flight...I'd like to say Kenny was fine as long as he had his teddy, but that wasn't true...

First views of Zihuatanejo from the shuttle busThe GO's (people who work at the Club Med) do a big welcoming parade when people arrive. The first woman on the left was Paula, who worked in the Baby Club with Kenny.

Playing with Daddy's hat in our room.We went to Playa Linda to see the crocodiles in the lagoon

Building a new pierThis was Playa Linda - much more crowded than the Club Med beach, Playa Quieta

Tree with interesting seed pods on the beachMarch of the Mini Club. They seemed to be having a good time

This was Kenny's Baby ClubWheeling Kenny kenny around on a baby buggy

A family pool party

The Eiffel Tower, in butter

The restaurant at Club Med. Lots of kids.At the playground

Kayaking in the morning, when the water is quite calmThey had a trapeeze setup for both kids and adults, which I ended up using as well!

Taking the bus into townOld fasioned looking washing machines for sale

Saw a lot of these in use, usually by street vendorsLots of indian women on the street with their young kids, who have to stay very close by. Seems like a hard life.

Dried meat hung up

Eric is always a sucker for little kitties. This one looked pretty unhealthy, though.I ended up buying some wooden bowls from this guy

Playing with Kenny at the little gymAt the beach

Kenny loved the water

And the sand got EVERYWHERE!

Liked the bouncy horse!Sunset

The outside play area at the baby clubThe pool looked great, but the water was uncomfortably hot

We went on a "countryside tour" one afternoon. These seats were everywhereVisiting a rural bakery

They use coconut husks to heat the ovenGrinder to get the meat out of the coconut, attached to a flat part to sit on

Got to put the cookies in the ovenThey tasted unusual - made of corn flour, not very sweet, and very crumbly

Next we went to a coconut plantation. There were acres of coconuts, in all different stagesThe coconut on the left and right have "manzanitas de coco" which are spongy fruits that form inside them when they've sprouted. When they're small, they're tasty, but when they get larger and fill the whole cavity, they're dry and tasteless

Drying the coconuts in the sun

At a clay tile and brick workshopDrying in the sun

When they have a big order and have to work late, they use this lantern

On our way to a chapel built in the middle of a dried out swamp

This is the "miracle image". To me, it looks a lot like a piece of a picture of the Virgin Mary. But our guide insisted that it wasn't, and that it appeared naturally, and and also that sometimes she opens and closes her eyes, and moves her fingers. Also, apparently it never shows up in photos...Squatter settlements on the way back

Sailboats on the beachEric rented a jetski

Food was abundant and tasty.

The buffet area itself was cavernous.Tasty breads

And sauces. Unfortunately they didn't say how hot they were!Prepping to go up on the trapeeze! They cinch the strap extremely tight - it was hard to take a breath!

Whew! Glad that's over. See the video for details.Kenny gets a lollipop

Some of the women who worked in the Baby Club. We really liked them - they were very attentive and sweet. This is Ana.Paula

This is unfortunately the best family photo we got here. I sure look goofy!The "bar" area. Lots of strollers

On the way home - Zihuatanejo from the air.