November 2005

Birthday party, snow, having friends over

A towel rideKenny uses the scissors for the first time (at home, at least)

Doing flipsHip-hop dance demo at the new community center

Dance Dance RevolutionAnother towel ride

Playing at a birthday partyKenny opening his first video game

Kenny's school pictureGot a pumpkin from Aunt Jean!

Kenny's favorite outfitRiding the "magic carpet" towel

Using scissorsHiding in the cabinet

Playing the guitar on Daddy

A bald eagle from our deck (through the binoculars)Playing with a mixture of cornstarch and water was lots of fun!

Stepping on a box to turn on the light

A light snowfall - Kenny enjoyed trying to sweep up the snowA train show at a local church

The new walkway between Bellevue Square and Lincoln Plaza

The new South Bellevue Community Center!The Rikofs came over for breakfast, and Kenny got to play with Daven.

Hans doing Dance Dance Revolution. He demured at first, but then really got into it.

More magic carpet rides

Birthday party with Alex, a friend from daycare

Kenny's first video game