Labor Day weekend

We went to the Zoo, Jetty Island, Geocaching

Climbing up a tough ladder at the playgroundKenny is musician and audience, at the same time!

More guitar videos...and still more videos of Kenny and his first day with the guitar

Kenny on the tractorFinding a geocache

Kenny picking blackberriesEric flying his plane

Kenny put a lot of Daddy's socks on. And then I asked him to smile for the camera - he hasn't quite got the natural smile down pat yet!With Benji and Marina at the playground

Kenny, Benji and Marina doing what Benji calls "Super Super" on the slide (all three going down at once)Socks, safety goggles, and his old guitar (soon to be usurped by the toy acoustic guitar)

Got a new guitar!

Eating a banana all by himself for the first timeDog show at Marymoor park - it was HUGE! Lots of beautiful dogs

This dog was like a big puffball of fur

Grooming gear - seems like that's a big part of a dog show

At the Woodlawn ZooWe had a hard time dragging him away from this tractor

They had a little petting barn thereToo many people...there's just too darn many of us!

This monkey put on a real show - he was particularly attracted to one little girl and spread his arms wide to "hug" her through the glass

We watched the raptor show

Kenny talked about this bear later. He said "Bear played with a stick in the water".We had dinner at an Afgan restaurant on 45th. Interesting noodle dish

Eric was thrilled to see this car...a lambourgini? on the roadEric bought an ultralight model plane - note that it weighs just more than a penny

An excursion to Jetty Island with the Claytons

Lots of birders thereSmokey the bear, too!

Anna and AudreyKenny with his "stuff"

We met this guy who was waiting for the wind to pick up, for kitesurfing. He ended up not going out - not enough wind.Homeward bound

Pancakes for breakfast (we supervise carefully when he's on the counter)

This pancake turned out like a Mickey Mouse - with the help of some raisin eyesWe did a geocache on an old abandoned airfield very close to our house, one that we'd never heard of. That's one of the great things about geocaching - it shows you areas that you never would have gone to, otherwise.

It also had a helicopter padThe geocache was hidden under a fake rock, sold on the geocaching site.

Kenny picking blackberriesThis is a classic...Kenny is almost always accompanied by his toy guitar, and his toy safety goggles, that he puts on his head. The guitar I understand, the safety goggles - not really. But he loves them.