Fun stuff in June

Cougar Mountain Zoo, Seattle Juggling Festival, Whidbey Island, Bellevue Fire Station

Playing with a marble-drop toyFeeding the deer

Pushing the strollerA unicycle without a seat

These two - a brother/sister duo - are apparently the best club jugglers in the world right now.Contact juggling - I was at a seminar that this guy did, a few years back. Bought the book and a ball, but never practiced enough.

One ball jugglingA panorama

Kenny "juggling" clubsSome amazing hackey sack stuff

Kenny riding his tricyclePlaying chase in the kitchen with Benji and Marina

Terry building a sand castle for KennyEric skipping a rock

A firefighter puts on his protective suitPlaying with a marble drop toy with Daddy

At the Cougar Mountain ZooWe tried to get Kenny to put his head in the alligators mouth, but he wouldn't!

They had a large assortment of birds

And you're allowed to feed the deerAt the Seattle Juggling Festival, this guy had a very unique (and apparently very difficult to ride) seat-less unicycle.

The motley crowd of jugglers. Strange to remember that I was once very into juggling.

Kenny juggling

And then he wanted to use the club as a toy guitarThe Space Needle

Kevin Krause weddingDay trip to Whidbey Island - my hair's flying in the wind!

The beach right below LangleyA pretty walk - funny I've never seen this area before, considering how often we've been here

At the Lucas' houseTerry made a toy castle for Kenny

Kenny had lots of fun in the sandRachel wrote out names up on the sand wall

A thrift store on Whidbey Island, close to Langley, had an odd assortment of items attached to the sideAt Fort Casey

I saw lots of this bright orange fungus on the buds of the wild roses

The sand around Terry's house is like quicksand!

Kenny and Rochelle in Gabriele's basketKenny and I got to tour the Bellevue Fire Stations through Mother's and More

While we were there, one of the engines left on a call. It was a false alarm - one firefighter said 99.9 of their calls are false alarms from automated systems.

Kenny got to sit in the drivers seat of the fire truck