May fun

BBQs, playgrounds, grill

Kenny does TeletubbiesFound some fun toys for Kenny

Kenny jumpsKenny pets a puppy

Bouncing on a horse at the playgroundJumping into the beanbag

Playing with a bucket of waterPicking strawberries

Ilana doing stand up comedy at the Folklife FestivalDidn't quite get this show - a black fraternity?

One of the better groups at the Folklife FestivalOn a bed of nails

Throwing rocks at Carkeet parkWalking in the tall grass

Eric grillingPlaying in the new box

Can't put down the new toys for even a secondFound a friendly puppy on a kite-flying outing

With Benji and Marina at the playgroundSplashing on the deck

Daddy makes a house out of the grill box

Picking strawberries in the front yard

At a Mother's and More BBQA picture from Eric's camera phone

Ilana does stand-up comedy at the Folklife Festival

Playing around at the fountainKenny loved watching people play musical instruments, particularly guitars

Driving a car at the Pacific Science Center

So much excitement - Kenny fell asleep in the car on the way home

At Carkeet park

The train went underneath us as we walked along the overpassDoing a geocache there, at what remains of an old apple orchard. Kenny had fun walking in the tall grass

Eric innaugerates his new grillHad Steve and Ilana and kids over for burgers

Then we had a little photo session

Kenny enjoys his new box

In the box with Benji and Marina