Flying the model plane, the Kelsey Creek Park Sheep Shearing festival

Playing with doggiesGoing down the slide

Kenny and "Little Boy Blue"Kenny at the Easter egg hunt

Kenny talkingGiving the stuffed animals a hug

Climbing onto the rocking chairSpinning around and around

Watching the model plane flyPumping water at Kelsey Creek Park

Kenny loved this engineSheep herding demonstration

Sheep shearingPlaying under a rug hung over some chairs on the deck

Going down the slide at our neighborhood park

Lots of static electricity!Soe came for a visit, and we also did a local geocache (the easiest one ever, I think)

Ready for take off!Soe

Steve's birthday party

On the counter with DaddyAt the Easter Egg hunt at Crossroads

Sitting in his drawer. He has a bump on his forehead from falling at the playgroundAt a local park

Eric flying his model airplaneKenny likes to watch

At the Kelsey Creek Sheep Shearing festival - Kenny in the hay wagonWow! Kenny gets to sit on an antique tractor!

Sheep herding demonstration with border colliesThe actual sheep shearing

Kenny petting some llamas