Bday and Grandparents

Kenny's first birthday, and a visit from the grandparents

Kenny with his push toyKenny's first birthday!

Eating the cakePlaying with the shape sorter

At the Pacific Science CenterPlaying with a blower

Ken doing a center of gravity experimentKenny gets a massage

Kenny plays with sandWalking on the beach

Kenny likes his lemonsPlaying with utensils

At the Kelsey Creek Park Family Festival - Kenny got a kick out of the chickens. They weren't so thrilled with him, though.

Lots of kid-friendly activities, but targeted at kids just a little bit older than Kenny

Eric was entranced by this 1928 25 horsepower Black Bear Oil Field Engine

Kenny and DaddyThere were also some booths set up for people who live the way they did 100 plus years ago

Kenny picks out a pumpkin for himself

...and pets a llamaOn the deck

"Finger painting" on the foggy windowJake and Kenny

Emma, from our Peps group, and KennyKenny with some strained peas

Kenny looking chic in an envelope hatKenny getting a bath

Benji and Marina's 2nd birthday party! They're all dressed up.

The blowing out of the candles was very well preserved for posterity

Ilana made cake decorations in a moon and stars themeKenny didn't quite get the hang of this toy

A cute 3 month oldMarina trying on Grandma's shoes

Past, present, and potential future nanniesJacqueline, their first nanny

Present pandemoniumGrandma and Grandpa Vasilik came to visit!

Grandma shredding carrots for a carrot cakeKenny helps assemble his toy


Stuffed grape leaves for dinnerKenny's birthday cake

What? No Nintendo?Playing with the shape sorter

At the Woodlawn Park Zoo - dropping coins down a wishing well

Watching the wild dogsThe view from the top of Somerset

Kenny wearing Grandpa's hatAt the Pacific Science Center candy exhibit

Digging for "sweets" - it was actually an amazingly sour piece of candyA giant reproduction of the tongue

Kenny in an outsize chair

Playing in the toddler area

At the Butterfly House

The home office

At the Museum of Flight

Dinner at Todai

At Discovery ParkKenny discovers sand

Ann thought the lighthouse was very cute

It was a beautiful morningAnn painting a mural in Kenny's room

A Halloween football gameDinarte and John

Kenny in his Tigger costume. The whiskers were soon smeared all over his face

Trick or Treating at Bellevue Square

Ken and Ann on the morning of their departure