Los Angeles

A weekend trip to Los Angeles

Learning about the scientology e-meterKenny likes feeling daddy's hair

The Getty CenterKenny doing a crab walk

Paddle TennisOil well at Signal Hill

On our way to the hotel from the airport, we were stuck in a traffic jam caused by this fire.Our hotel - the Le Parc suite hotel. It was ok, not remarkable.

A mutated daylillyHouses in Beverly Hills

Loved these trees on Rodeo Drive

This shop on Rodeo Drive had an underground display. It felt very strange to step on the glass

Trimmed horsetails were a big component of landscaping in LAA toney side street of Rodeo Drive

Very prickley!Along Mulholland Drive

The next morning we went first to Hollywood, which was quite seedy looking. I had no idea LA had a subway system

The walk of stars. I felt gyped - many of the same movie stars have more than one actual star. Seems like having more than one grave for a person - not quite right.Wig shop

A sampling of some of the hand and footprints in front of the Chinese Theater

There was a Scientology exhibition that we stumbled across. A large part of the exhibition was taken up by the life of L. Ron Hubbard, and what a cool guy he was.The "Clear". This is what Scientologists say we should aspire to

Doing the Scientology "electropsychometer".At the end, the woman asked Eric if he'd like any materials. He said "sure", thinking he'd get a free book to look at on the plane. When it turned out they wanted to charge for it, we declined.

Waiting for the tram at the Getty Center - my favorite part of the tripThe Getty Center from the gardens

We took a tour - highlights of the collection.The buildings and complex were stunningly beautiful. I could have stayed there for days.

See the door?

The cafeThis is the top of...

...this structure. You can see the shadow of the circular top opening on the right.I loved these - like big bouquets

Kenny was a little tired of being in his stroller so long, so he was pretty loudOn our way to the central garden

Kenny, crawling like a crab on the grass

The 405 freewayWe didn't spend as much time actually looking at the pictures as I would have liked. Here's some of the more famous ones.

Loved these fountainsA fun little kids area, with a replica of the fancy bed we'd seen in the decorative arts section

On the tram ride down

The next day, at Venice BeachThe sport of Paddle Tennis, which we'd never seen before

LifeguardsA weight training area right along the boardwalk.

Houses along the beachThe street performers were disappointing - all talk and no action

Lotsa psychicsRasta stuff

Car showVisiting the Zucco's

Bonnie and her daughter Amy with KennyThey live in a beautiful place on Signal Hill, which still has functioning oil wells

Eric along the promenadeEric Zucco and the kids

View of Long Beach from the parkSome guys were doing some radio experimentation while we were there

Kenny enjoying the water at the Farmer's Market

At the La Brea tar pits.

Lots of Dire Wolf skullsIf we had gone on a weekday, we could have seen the paleontologists doing their thing

The displays were not a great value for the money, but it was fun seeing actual mini-pits of tar - which we could have seen for free outsideDisplay in Santa Monica

Another street performer. Again, lots and lots of talk, and very little action.A display about how the Falun Gong are being tortured in China

Lots and lots of homeless in Santa MonicaKenny made a friend at the airport on the way home