Late May fun

Kelsey Creek, Folklife Festival, etc.

Kenny and Jake tearing up magazinesKenny and Jake drumming

Kenny and Jake huggingOn the tractor

Kenny's first swing rideFunky hacky sack moves at the Folklife Festival

This kid was trying to juggle seven balls, which is extremely difficult (especially tennis balls!)The hippie scene at the festival

Kenny eating bananasKenny crawling

Sylvia juggling at the Seattle Center juggling club meetingEric juggling at the Seattle Center juggling club meeting

Kenny and next door neighbor JakeAt Kelsey Creek Park

Rockin' with MommyKenny enjoys the toy tractor

Swings are fun too - although a little bigThe gang on the teeter-totter

More "kids"

Steve and Ilana and the kids looking at the pigLots of sidewalk entertainment at the Folklife Festival

I particularly like the bluegrass musicians

Juggling seven ballsSome diablo action

These guys did a take-off of hula dancing that was very funnyAnd these guys stood in the middle of a walkway with large signs that had bible quotations written on them.

The hippie scene

Kenny, starting to peep up over the top of the coffee table

Made it!Marymoor Hills neighborhood potluck

Kenny likes his peas

The new Seattle Public Library is very impressive. Lots of lime green

Bad color for a rug in a public place - it's already getting stained

Nice chairsA spiral walkway goes up the building

Funky chairs - shaped like M&Ms

Interesting pattern caused by these two panels of material with circles cut in them.

Waiting for the elevator, which was extremely slow

Interesting lounge areas

Eric juggling at the Seattle Juggling club meetingKenny dressed for warmth

There was also a photography exhibition at the Seattle Center