Spring Misc.

Jeri wedding, Point Defiance Zoo

Kenny playingMommy pokes Kenny

Kenny in high chairKenny stands

Daddy crawlsKenny stands in exersaucer

Kenny looks like he's about to crawlKenny feeding goats

Kenny and BenjiWe got a new MacClaren stroller. You can push it with one finger!

One of the members of my book club, Jeri, got married at the Sand Point Country Club. Great view! Beautiful ceremony as well.Larry, Jack, Kay

Susan and JeanJeri's friends from college came and recited a wonderful funny poem

Daddy and Kenny

Book club members

The babies in our Peps group (Zoe is missing). From the left: Emma, Ava, Katie, Kenny (the only boy), VeronicaAt the Point Defiance Zoo

Feeding the goatsThe resident peacock

There was a very interesting seahorse collectionBenji and Marina watching the manatees

Kenny on Daddy's car

In the process of cleaning out the garage