San Diego

We took a weekend trip to San Diego

Our hotel room in San Diego at Holiday Inn (it was part of a package deal)The entrance at the San Diego Zoo

At the flamigo gardenLangurs

The orangutans were so entertaining to watch!

This bird was uncaged (in an aviary)

Kenny has on a cute sun hat!

MeerkatThese are the doors to the elephant cage - very sturdy!

This elephant was doing a little dance in front of the door, making the same movements over and overElephant toys

They fed the elephants while we were there. Seems like they really enjoy eating smaller tree branches.

For some reason the giraffes were licking this piece of metal

Feeding the water birds. The zookeeper had to constantly use a hose to keep the unwanted birds (mallards) away from the food.

They had some very handy inclined walkways to go up and down hills

Kenny amongst the gorillas

A little girl getting up close and personal with a gorilla

At Torrey Pines Gliderport

Driving to the Mexican border, we noticed the high fence along the highway

At Avenida de la Revolution, the main tourist strip in Tijuana.They had these little booths set up on every street corner, where you could have your picture taken with painted mules

Also on every street corner - pharmacies, selling all kinds of drugs that you need a prescription for in the US. They were the one type of business that didn't try to solicit you as you walked by - I guess for a pharmacy to do that seems a little sleazy.Taking a taxi in Tijuana

We had lunch at a very authentic looking restaurant called La Fonda de Roberto, no tourists, with the menu only in Spanish. The food was great and very different from the Mexican food you get here, the waiter was very friendly. That's why we were so disappointed when they tried to rip us off, by adding up 120 and 80 on the bill and coming up with 280. It's hard to believe that it was an honest mistake.

Eric had something I believe was called Dedos de Montezcuma. It was reminded me of a fried seed stalk, and was very unusual to eat. Definately something to try.This is what it looks like before cooking

They shaped the rice into hearts, since it was so close to Valentines Day. At a local marketAll kinds of orange colored pasta

Candy for the pinatas was a big seller

Mexican sweets - sugar saturated fruits and vegetablesIn the US, grocery stores always used to have a section of cheap, bagged up old fruits and vegatables. They haven't had it for about 10 years or so - I guess we've become too prosperous and people don't want to buy them anymore. However, this Mexican grocery store still has them.

It's a good thing we walked back across the border - the wait to drive back was longThe border

In Ocean Beach

Hanging out in Coronado

This is the famous Hotel Del Coronado. Very nice grounds - great place to feed Kenny and change a diaper or two.

The Dragon Tree - used as a backdrop to the movie Some Like It Hot

A very friendly guy came up to us and offered to take a photo

They were about to have a wedding here at the hotelThese flowers (bird of paradise?) are quite common in San Diego.

The houses in Coronado, though they may look modest, cost in the millionsDriving up 101, we stopped in the little town of Del Mar. They had a public plaza with a great view, which had (get this!) a couch! We hung out there for quite a while, it was very comfortable. Kenny got to do some tummy time, too.

We had Kenny in the snuggli for a walk on the beach - he did okay.This guy had a kite-powered little go-cart

The Self Realization Fellowship has a very nice garden that's open to the public