Photo sessions with Kenny, snow day, a walk at Cougar Mountain State Park, and baby group pictures

Kenny talksKenny lifts his head

Kenny focuses on toysKenny is Happy

Kenny meets a friendKenny rolls over

Kenny rolls over on the other sideKenny grabs things

Setting up to take some photos

Kenny is starting to lift his head up when he's on his tummy.

We got 3 or 4 inches of snow on the 6th, and took a walk around our neighborhood

Kids were using the hill to sled down

Out with Kenny in the jogger stroller at Cougar Mountain State Park - we did some steep trails

The Claytons came for a visitAudrey and Kenny are only a month or so apart.

Anna climbing on top of JaneIlana took this picture of Kenny

Playing with photos made with candlelight

I had taking tons of photos of Kenny, using the principles in Nick Kelsh's book How to Photograph Your Baby. Basically, turn off your flash, get close up, and take lots of pictures. These are the best of almost 200 (thank goodness for digital cameras!)

Kenny participated in an infant hearing study at the University of Washington Infant Hearing Lab. He earned $30 for doing the study!

More photo shoot pictures...this time using a lamp

Fishing for babies with a pacifierWe had a window replaced that was leaking.

Kenny is grabbing things left and right now!Eating out with Kenny

Kenny really enjoyed watching the Baby Einstein Galileo DVD...we set him up with his own entertainment center here.For the first time, we dressed him up in real clothes instead of playsuits. He looks like such a big boy! What a hassle to dress him, though.

Batting away at toys in the bouncy seatWe had a baby play group here, and took pictures of the moms and babies.