Kenneth Alois Vasilik

It's a boy! Our first child is born.

During labor, a machine monitors the baby's heart beat and mommy's contractions. His heart rate is 139 beats/min and the 69 indicates that Sylvia is in the middle of a contraction.Here are the two plotted against each other. Notice that his heart rate goes down during a contraction, and recovers after it. (Heart rate on top, contraction pressure on the bottom).

Shortly after he is born (10:57 AM, Sunday October 26, 2003), he is weighed. 8 pounds, 6.6 ounces. 20 1/2 inches long.Sylvia (Mommy!) is happy it's over!

Eric (Daddy!) is pretty happy himself.Do you see a resemblance? I do!

"Breastfeeding is painless" -- NOT!Lot's of friends came to visit. Terry and Sue Lucas. Grace Colton and Gary Burd also visited (I didn't get a picture of them:-)

Ilana Long.Shannon and ...

Rod Chavez.Steve (the big one), Benjamin and Marina Blatt (Steve's married to Ilana)

Ready to go home!The whole Family!

How to swaddle!We get a lesson in swaddling from one of the wonderful nurses at Overlake Hospital.