Assorted July photos

Our first time at Derby Days, Max's Birthday party, the Street of Dreams, etc.

Record crawl for Benjamin!For the first time ever for both of us, we went to the Redmond Derby days. Dave Bau came with as well. Lots of kids on bikes, and all kinds of floats as well.

Max with his cake

Off to the Street of Dreams with Rod and Shannon. We got there pretty early - later on it was packed.The houses were nice, but also very similar to one another.

I thought this was kind of funny...they have a book entitled "The Not So Big House" in this huge mansion.

A hammered copper tubDinarte and John took Eric out for his birthday at the Barking Frog. David Bau came with us too.

Dinarte and John's cat was so matted that they had it trimmed off in a lion style. Very snazzy.

With Steve and Ilana and the babies at our new houseEric encouraging Benjamin with a measuring tape.