Orcas Island

A weekend trip to Orcas Island - we stayed in a bed and breakfast with an awesome view!

Waiting for the ferry in Anacortes.Eastsound, the big town on Orcas Island

Bet you don't see very oftenDoesn't look like it's been used recently, though

Interesting houses in this areaThe lady at the local historical museum was quite friendly

Beds were tiny back then!

Old camera equipmentWe saw these houses being built which remind me of those small cottage houses in Langley. I don't think these were as well designed, though.

Pictures can't do justice to the views off Mt. Constitution. You can see Mt. Baker here.Hanging out on Mt. Constitution

This is the smallest grown dog I think I've ever seenThe owner of the bed and breakfast

Right next door to the bed and breakfast was an artist studio with some very intersting pieces that moved in any kind of breeze.

While waiting for the ferry, we fed these pygmy goats some blackberry bushes, which the went wild for.