Assorted June pictures

Gary and Eric headed off on a bike ride on Tiger Mtn.

With Steve and Ilana and babies at Chism beach parkHmmm...showing just a little.

Lotsa skin here!Rented a double kayak around the Mercer Slough area. It was a little small for Eric.

Eric went to San Jose for a conference. His hotel room...

Eric's company did an overnight trip to Whidbey Island. Much fun was had by all.

A trip to Vashon IslandThere was a serious catepillar infestation there. They were all over the place, even on the beach.

This dog kept on bringing us balls to throw.Lots of cute, very distinct houses.

Some kind of shipping antenaes

Someone put a collection of exercise equipment on the side of the road here, as something like modern art...The Fremont Fair - always a favorite! We went with Steve and Ilana and the babies. This booth was selling the coolest converted kitchen utensils/hats.

Marina likes to feel the beard!

This guy was eating mealworms for money - $1.

A plant shop on the way - very interesting carnivorous plantsA demonstration of fire making with a bow drill

A protest of some sort...couldn't quite figure it out.A trip to Orcas Island - the ferry terminal area in Anacortes

In Eastsound, Orcas Island. These are typical of the types of shops there

Only in the San Juans!Crossing over to Indian Island, right off Eastsound - it's only accessible at low tide, and even then you're likely to get your feet wet.

In the island history museum

Some new cottage style houses were being built close to Eastsound. Seemed pretty expensive for what you were getting - starting at 229K.

Stopped at a viewpoint on the way up to Mt. Constitution - there were more dragonflies than I've ever seen anywhere. Hard to get a picture of them.Awesome views from the top of Mt. Constitution. This is Mt Baker.

To the left is Cypress Island.On top of the lookout tower.

This full grown dog was being carried around. It weight only 2.5 lbs.Around Eastsound.

The owner of the bed and breakfast we stayed at, the Double Mountain Bed and Breakfast...

...which had the most amazing views!

Right next door is a very interesting art gallery, that makes wind-driven art. Fascinating stuff.

This one was 24,5000 dollars.Leaving Orcas. We checked just to see how long the wait was for the next ferry, thinking we wouldn't have a problem coming along in an hour or so, and ended up barely making it.

These pygmy goats were very interested in eating blackberry shoots