Memorial Day weekend

Eric's brother Kevin and his girlfriend Petra came for a visit on Memorial Day weekend

They went for a hike on their own on Friday, up Tiger Mountain. This a view of the Olympics from the topKevin

PetraAt the Pike Place Market

Taking the monorail (a first for them, and for me too!)

A street performer (in orange) at the Folklife FestivalWatching street performers

This was a little weird - some kind of sound therapy?

This little juggler was performing for money. Technically he was fine, but the showmanship wasn't there yet. I gave him some money anyway.On the ferry

At Fort CaseyDeception Pass

All of usPicnic at Newcastle Beach Park with Steve and Ilana. We couldn't find an open grill, and forgot the buns, but Ilana found space on someone else's grill, and I was given some bread after wandering around looking forlorn, so it turned out well.

Steve and Ilana taking off (they got to the park via kayak as well)