Whidbey Island

Deception Pass, Fort Casey, Langley

Good view of the mountains on the way northAt Deception Pass State Park

Looking over the cliff's edgeBull kelp waving in the water

At Fort Ebey - our first time there. These fortifications were from 1942 according to the signs, unlike most of the forts in this area which were from before WWI.

There were inside rooms that were fairly well-preserved - still had linoleum on the floor!Neat cliffside walk

I was pissed at having to pay a $5 parking fee at the state parks - state parks that we've already paid for with our taxes. If there were no state taxes, then fine, I'd be happy to pay for parking, but that's not the case.

At Fort Casey

A former bridge right outside of Fort Casey.We went to Langley, hoping to participate in the Langley Mystery Weekend - a who-dunnit murder mystery, spread over a weekend. Unfortunately, we arrived pretty late - there's lots of clues to gather, and we only had an hour with which to do it, so we just walked around and saw the sights. This woman was a suspect in the murder, and was out and about, giving people hints.

The site of the "murder"Another suspect.