Assorted Fall pictures

A bike trip over I-90, Kelsey Creek Park with Steve and Ilana, and a pumpkin carving party with Angie and Eric.

In the Mercer Slough area, next to the highwayA strange park on Mercer Island. I think these are vents to I-90, in a tunnel underneath.

The I-90 floating bridgeLooking from Seattle to Mercer Island

End of the bike tunnel in SeattleSteve, with a giant bumblebee in the background

Feeding the llamasIlana in the final weeks of pregnancy!

Sheep wearing coats...for warmth?

Angie and Eric Bultemeier had a fall pumpkin carving party at their place
Eric carving up the turkey

JessicaAssorted party scenes

Sorting out the pumpkins seeds from the pulp. Later we roasted them.His pumpkin looks a lot like him!

The carved up pumpkins, all lit up.Great picture of Angie and Eric