Pacific Science Center

Seattle Center, and checking out the Pacific Science Center.

The rides are still active. Very few people willing to be spun around in the cold air, though.Some pictures of the exterior of the Experience Music Project. It's hard to believe that building doesn't leak!

Eric and the Experience Music Project, browsing their music files. Very strange UI.Not many street performers around. This guy was doing a routine with hula hoops.

At the Pacific Science Center - Eric planing with a huge mirror.The dinosaur exhibit

Red in tooth and claw...Making a spirograph (?). Most of the Pacific Science Center is really targeted at young kids, which is why it didn't have that much to interest us.

The cockroach exhibit was pretty special, though!

At the planetarium - this is the device that projects stars onto the ceiling.At Marymoor park, it was the busiest we've ever seen it (on a non-festival day)

More Great Danes than I've ever seen before!

Portrait shots