Airstreams and Luis Palau

We check out a vintage Airstream trailer rally in Bellingham, then walked to a religious rally in neighboring Marymoor park.

There were about 15 trailers at the rally. Last year apparently there were about 30. The participants were very friendly, and most invited us into their trailers.There weren't just Airstream trailers at the rally. This "teardrop" trailer was the smallest one there.

A serviceable kitchen in the back.The inside has enough room for one person to stretch out and sit up, but no more than that.

The other non-Airstream trailer was a Shasta, towed by a vintage car.This shiny trailer was the showpiece of the rally. It took the owner months and months to strip off the clearcoat, and then polish it.

The interior was renovated as well. Cork plank flooring, matching towel sets, redone upholstery.All the Airstreams had these very functional lamps.

One couple had set up appliances that matched the era of their trailer.Eric has the fine points of Airstream internals explained to him.

These folks showed us some vintage Airstream calendars. They've spent a lot of time in the deserts of the southwest in their Airstream, photographing flowers.The "Bambi". I thought this was the smallest airstream trailer, but it turns out there's one even smaller - the Bubble.

Back home - the streets in our neighborhood was were packed with cars from people visiting a religious rally in Marymoor.They build a huge skateboard park to attract kids. This was the line to get in.

There were tons of kid-oriented play areas at the festival, most of them also with long lines.

The main stadium area was packed - I don't think I've seen that many people at Marymoor, even during Womad.

An impromptu prayer circle.The food tents had incredible lines in front of them. You'd almost think the food would have to be free, that people were willing to wait in such long lines, but it wasn't.

And of course, there were some serious lines for the toilets.On the way out, some skateboarders had set up some skateboards to jump over. If you missed the jump, you had to add your skateboard to the stack.