Just Geocaching

Mercer Slough, Sandstone Falls, and a Port Defiance (Tacoma) geocache

Eric playing around with the blueberry picking machine at the Mercer Slough blueberry farm.This one was a great cache (except for the mosquitos). A view of downtown Bellevue over the slough.

Bridge over the slough.Found the cache under the boardwalk.

With the Taylors - Katherine next to some old mining equipment.Rummaging around the Sandstone Falls cache.

Nicholas with his geocaching loot.Sunday we went to Tacoma for the first time, to the Port Defiance park to do a geocache there. It was a driving geocache, and we had to drive around the one-way loop about 4 times because we'd made some mistakes with the calculations. Not a fun cache.

Finally, grumpily, we found it.