A 2 bbq weekend!

Blueberry picking, BBQ with Chris and Judy, E. Colton Burd Baby Shower bbq, and more.

Leftover pictures from last weekend's Shakespeare in the Park at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island (the play was Two Gentelmen of Verona)Rehearsing before the play

Saturday morning we visited the Parmaceks...Max and Parker had fun riding around in a little car

Blueberry picking with Ilana and Steve. Note the handy homemade hanging berry buckets.Bbq for Chris and Judy at Rob and Carol's place. What a well-fed baby!

Judy with Sally, Rob in the background.Various people hanging out.

Phil with SallyThe Beaudettes - Chris, Judy, and Sally.

A Welcome Home Colton bbq at Anne and Walter Braun's house.

This is chef Walter.Gunnar and his son Julian.

Sylvia and EricAnne and Shannon

The Welcome Colton carrot cakeScott Ludwig and his son Nick.

Ava and Hannah.Grace, Julian, and Angelika

Walter and Jenee, Grace's sister.Valerie and Angelina with various kids.

Scott, Val, and Angelina with various kids.Finally some pictures of Colton!

Hannah lets loose with the pillows.

Anne, Colton, and SylviaDominik

I played hooky from work and hung out with Judy on Monday too. Had fun taking pictures of little Sally, too!It was Mad Hat day when I got there...all from Erin's dress-up box

Sally starting solids, too! I think Chris had fun feeding her.

Sally getting dressed.Sally's playing with Dad's glasses.

On the streets with Sally. Chris and Rob entertained her with a dance.

At Lincoln ParkWe saw some passion flowers on the way home.

It looks like part of this house has been chopped off.Judy with Sally in the mirror.

Sally and Erin.This house number is the same as my dad's in Charlotte.

The first time I've worn a Baby Bjorn baby carrier.