Seattle Juggling Festival

Juggling, contact juggling, staff spinning, club passing at the Seattle International Juggling Festival

I did a workshop in staff spinningQuite a crowd gathered for the workshop.

My partner Latif and I passing a spinning staff.Passing five clubs.

These guys were great - they passed the clubs to the person behind them.Contact juggling with Greg. Contact juggling is basically moving a ball around your body, without having it loose contact with your body (i.e., no tossing)

Eric passing clubs.Contact juggling.

Eric took a picture of me with my head in his lap.

Eric doing more club passing.

Travis walking with his son through the twirling clubs.At the juggling show that night, one onlooker had the bad luck to be called on to participate in an act.

The Mud Bay Jugglers.Another group...I believe they won the 2000 International Juggling Festival first prize.