Car Camping at Salmon Le Sac

Saturday and Sunday we drove up to Salmon Le Sac to meet some friends for a camping trip. (warning! serious speed trap along the way)

Saturday, stopping on the road to the Salmon Le Sac campground. Right after here is where the cops got us in a speed trap (the posted 35 mph limit was 4 miles back, and it was a wide, new straight road).Canoeing on Cooper lake with Kristen

Eric and I took a canoe trip as well. It was pretty windy, so we stopped in the middle of the lake at this tree trunk sticking out to relax without being blown down the lake.We paddled up to the inlet of the river. Very clear water.

Back at the campground, some motorcyclists had these cute little mini pop-up campers.Lots of teenagers were hanging out at this bridge, jumping from it into the pool below. It was very cold water, though!

From the left, Kristen, Pat, Mark, and Eric, cooking canned biscuits on the fire.Kids Nicholas and Katherine.

Mark tried the experiment of hard boiling an egg by putting them in the coals. It exploded.We did a geocache together - one of the clues was "Last Resort"

Katherine found the cache!Kristen, Sylvia, and Eric

The Taylors.Our last stop was at Snoqualmie Tunnel. We walked in for about 20 minutes, then decided we didn't want to do the whole thing.

Not using the flash. Spooky!