Paragliding and Bellingham

Saturday we took a hike up Tiger Mtn, to Poo-Poo point, where there was a Paragliding Fly-In. Basically, lots and lots of people were paragliding from there. Fun to watch. Sunday we drove up to Bellingham with Soe.

Waiting in line to launch.

This launch didn't go particularly well.Going backwards on your butt--not a good thing!

The problem launches are always more fun to watch.Tandem launches too. Usually something appeared to not go according to plan.

Up, up, and away!At one point I counted 28 paragliders in the air.

At Soe's friends house near Bellingham. Eric is holding the cat, which has a very strange trait - it drools when you pet it. Note the paper towel held underneath.Eric, Soe, and Jeannie.

They have a beautiful, lush, sunny yard.Jeannie's husband Michael carved the tree stumps into mushrooms.

Soe and Eric in front of the railroad track, right behind the house.A cafe in Fairhaven.

Soe told us he used to spend whole days hanging out at this cafe.