Memorial Day with the Lucases

We spent part of the Memorial Day weekend with the Lucases on Whidbey Island.

From the left, Angela, Rachael, and Sidney in front of the secret hideaway.Rachael in her wetsuit - necessary for swimming in these temperatures.

Her first jump!Sidney showed us a nest of killdeers, right in someone's front lawn.

Some huge barnacles.Terry finds a sand dollar, a baby jellyfish (?), and a whelk.

I've seen pictures of these small Langley cottages (none larger than 975 sq ft) in home books. One of them was for sale. Unfortunately no open house, though.We found a cache on Double Bluff Beach Park.

The bluffs in this pictures are actually a steep dirt mountain. We saw kids sliding down it, on things that looked like surfboards. It looked extremely dangerous, and we saw some falls.Grace and Hannah and Gary, picking up Eric for a bike ride.

Gary and Eric go for a bike ride, and saw cats being carried in a kiddie carrier.