Columbia Gorge

Weekend trip along the Columbia River.

Lots of rain and not much sun here, based on all the mossVista House, built in the early part of this century, is a famous landmark on the Columbia. It looks pretty funny as it's being renovated with a geodesic dome around it.

The view from the Vista House.Latourell Falls goes down straight over a cliff

The base of Latourell Falls. Fascinating how you can see the broken off bottoms of all the basalt volcanic columns.Bonneville Dam

Lots of sturgeon fisherman were there when we visited.This guy caught a 47 inch sturgeon.

Duck antics - must have been mating season, because the one on the left kept trying to get close to the female, and the one on the left kept chasing him away.More sturgeon in a nearby viewing area.

Biking on the Columbia River Historic Trail. All bike trails should be like this - easy grade, sunny, and great views.Unusual geological formation along the way.

We were thinking how cool it would be to have a house out here...sunny, isolated, scenic.What a wide bike path!

I crawled to the edge of this cliff and looked down - straight down, to the railroad and the highway.We stayed at the Beryl House Bed and Breakfast, Eric's first bed and breakfast. Friendly place.

The next morning we took what's called the "Fruit Loop" drive - more popular in fall harvest time. Great views of Mt. Hood.Acres and acres of apple harvest boxes.

Another view of Mt. Hood from Panorama Point. We looked for a geocacache here, but didn't find it.A view of rt. 30 from an overlook.

Pete, at the Dalles Dam visitor center, was very friendly and gave us a tour around. Very knowledgable about the operation of the dam.Tours used to go there, but since Sept. 11th, it's been closed to visitors. The turbines only turn just over once per second.

Lunch in this diner in White Salmon. Not very memorable.We were going to head back home via rt. 141. Unfortunately, we neglected to take a close look at the map. It degenerated into a forestry road, and then dead-ended where they'd stopped snowplowing.

A llama farm on the way home.