After buying a gps receiver, we started finding geocaches.

I'd read about Geocaching in the Seattle Times, and we decided to try it out. Bought a gps that fits on my palm pilot (works great!) and went to our first one in Marymoor park. The general location of the geocacheWe found it!

Rummaging around for goodies.The next cache - along a historical red brick road

Hidden in the fork of a tree...Our last cache of the day, right next to a old Nike missle site.

At Juanita Bay Park (a new park for us, too), we did a multi-cache, solving multiple clues to get the coordinates of the final cache. Working out the clues.Because of an error in our calculations, we originally thought the clue was out in the water here...

But eventually we found it.Lots of good bird-watching at the park. This is a red-shouldered blackbird (actually a very common bird around here).

Turtles lined up on a log