Rainy weekend

Somerset house, hike in Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park

We stopped at Eric's office on the way down for him to do some work. Someone there had little electric scooter that I tried. What fun!We're looking for a new house. Earlier in the week I had fallen in love with this one, in Somerset. Unfortunately, even though it was still listed, it had already been sold. I was very, very disappointed. Because I refer it so often as "the house I really love", Eric gave it the name "Ralph" for the sake of brevity.

The Somerset area has a great view of Seattle.Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park is close-by, yet very isolated and private. You could hike there for days.

An old abandoned fruit tree. Very gnarledOn a little bridge in the park.

A former Nike Missle launch site in also in the park. You can't see much of it - at least in the area that's not fenced off.This holly tree would have made a great Christmas picture.

At the entrance to the trails we got some free maps. We walked the Bagley Seam Trail, Red Town Trail, Quarry Trail, Fred's Railroad Trail, Clay Pit Road, and Military Road Trail.