Whidbey Thanksgiving

The Lucas family invited us to their Whidbey Island home for Thanksgiving.

Eric was a favorite with the girls. Rachael and a neighbor Sydney are sitting next to himThe next morning Eric picked Rachael, Angela, and Sydney up all at once.

Then they attacked with pillows.Vanquished!

Later we went to Fort Casey State Park.The Lucases and Angela.

Gregory, Angela and Rachael on top of a cannonEric and the kids on top of one of the towers.

The Lucases at the lighthouse.Everone!

After visiting the lighthouse, we went to some bunkers that are off the beaten path at the state park. This one kind of looks like an Aztec pyramid.Some of the doors were open, leading into the passageway that looped around the hill. Since we didn't have the flashlights, Terry, Eric, Gregory, and I explored to the dark end by using the flash of the camera - taking a picture, remembering how it looked, walking forward a few steps, and taking another picture with flash.

The end of Fort Casey!