John Wayne Bike Trail

Biking from Rattlesnake Lake, near North Bend, to Hall Creek.

A "stumpscape". This lake is obviously lots higher in the summer.We were kind of excited over this "cougar" track. Then after we saw a couple thousand like it, we reluctantly decided they were dog tracks.

Plenty of stumps to support the camera for this picture!This is the bike trail, a former railroad track. By and large, pretty straight and boring.

Some cool bridges across the valleys.

And some climbers as well.On the way back, Eric coasted the entire way downhill (7 miles).

Mossy tree trunks.I believe these signs were left over from when this was still an active railroad track.

Back along Rattlesnake Lake, an old road had been partially covered up to make a walking path. You can still see the painted median.

The old town of Moncton lies beneath these waters. It was a logging/railroad town that was submerged by water leaking from a damned up lake uphill.