Fun with friends

Rolling sushi with Hans and Holly, pumpkin carving with the Bultemeiers.

Eric rolling sushi. A very delicate operation, especially when you stuff so much in it!Holly pressing the sushi roll so it sticks.

Hans is getting ready to make some nigiri sushi, basically raw fish (although we used smoked salmon) on rice.The collection of yummy sushi!

Eric Bultemeier with the turkey (very tasty) at the Bultemeiers turkey dinner/pumpkin party.They had a very lively 4 month old cat, Otus. Very camera shy, though--took off as soon as the pre-flash came on.

Pumpkin carving action. Later on we roasted pumpkin seeds--tasty!Farmer Angie, enjoying some desert.

Superman and his pumpkin.Some people hanging out

There were 4 Erics at the party. From left to right - Eric, Eric, Eric, and Eric.The assortment of pumpkins

...and in the dark. Notice the Shrek on the right--pretty cool!Close-up of Shrek.

Eric holding our "scary eyes" pumpkin.