Port Orchard

We took the ferry to Southworth, then biked to Port Orchard.

It was chilly on the ferry trip over from Fauntleroy!They're very paranoid about bags left without people around them. We left our backpacks while we walked around outside, and they requested over the intercom that the owners of the backpacks return to them.

When the ferry docks, they reverse engines to slow down. Really churns up the water.The road right out of the ferry dock in Southworth is very cute and windy. This houses had a cozy outdoor swing.

It went right along the water most of the way. Too bad the weather wasn't partly sunny, as predicted.Fancy paint job on this house.

Lots of ducks in the water!--Bummer! We didn't charge the camera battery properly, and since it was so cold, it went dead, so we couldn't take any pictures. Later on, when it got a little warmer, we were able to take some more pictures. But we didn't get any of Manchester State Park (great little park on the water, with old military fortifications and an old torpedo warehouse). -- tIn Port Orchard, we went to the Sydney Museum, which has some historical artifacts from Port Orchard.

A witch with a spider ring banged into a tree.A manmade pond, well-done with all kinds of greenery around it.

A neat fort.