Salmon fishing

We went on a charter salmon fishing trip out of Shilshoe Bay Marina

We got up at 5:15 to get an early start on the fishing. We left the marina at about 7, though, because we were waiting for another customer. Our boat was the "Fishful Thinking", the skipper was Steve.This was the fishfinder. The small black dashes are fish.

It was chilly out there! We should have brought warmer clothes.I caught the first salmon. Frankly, there wasn't much to it, Steve set everything up then I reeled in the salmon when it bit.

This device keeps the lure at a specified depth.My dad, with his first fish.

Eric reeling one in. As you can see, he got a lot of help.Steve filleted the salmon for us.

Our last fish of the dayOn the way home we went to the Ballard locks. Three salmon are jumping out of the water in this picture!

Salmon in the fish ladder.The railroad bridge in the background had to go up in order to let the Icy Bay through.

In the gardens.A tame squirrel. The snack truck parked there sold peanuts specifically to feed to the squirrel.

Cutting up the salmon to freeze