Dinner Train

We take a ride on the Spirit of Washington dinner train.

About to take the Spirit of Washington Dinner train.We had some fancy flavored butters with our bread.

A view down the trainA large skateboard park. I wanted to get a better picture, but we were going by too fast.

Boeing on Lake Washington.Looking across to Mercer Island.

Looking west over I-90.Downtown Bellevue

It's funny seeing stores that we go to frequently from a different angle. This is Home Depot.Larry's Market.

This little kid was among the many that waved to us from along the way.Looking out at Hunts Point and Yarrow Point.

The turf farms along the Sammamish River.This is a park along the Burke Gillman trail. Eric and I stopped here on our 4th date.

My dad an I the Columbia Winery.We did a quick tour of the winery. This is the destemming machine.

Hundreds and hundreds of barrels of wine. They're all stacked up on one another, without any vertical supports.On the way home.